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Career Coaching Services

"Explore, Dream, and Discover a more fulfilling career."

You may be answering YES to the following:

  • Do you dread being in the same role a year from now?

  • Does work feel like a chore?

  • Are you staring at job ad’s and not sure what to do next?

  • Do you wake in the middle of the night dreading work the next day?

  • Do you want to finish work with a smile on your face?

  • Are you ready to take action?


If so, I would love to support you to move towards to a more fulfilling career.

Why Career Coaching?


Career coaching helps you see new possibilities, and take the right steps for you.

It involves transformative work, which takes time, and is not a quick fix. It is an investment in you.


As a result of career coaching you will:


  • Gain deep personal insights of what makes you unique

  • Clarity and focus on what you really want in your career

  • Solidify self-belief

  • Confidence that you are creating the right choices

  • Strengthen resilience

  • Courage to follow your heart and intuition

  • Excitement about your new career direction

What is involved?

As a Licensed Firework Career Coach I can support you through a credible, tried and tested, credible framework to help focus and structure your career transition.


It includes 3 phases:


Explore – What makes you unique and what you really  want in your career

Dream – Create possible career choices

Discover – Take action to bring your career dreams to life

On average, people take 3 months to complete the coaching.

You could complete the coaching over a shorter period of time if you are in a hurry, have already done some work, and have capacity to complete the required activities in between our sessions.

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How can we work together?

Are you ready to:

  • Invest in yourself and your career?

  • Take action?

  • To show up fully for our coaching sessions?

  • To do the hard work?

  • Bring your energy, openness, and honesty to our partnership?


If so, please get in touch to arrange an 


Exploratory complimentary Zoom call (30 mins) - 

  • Discuss your current situation, career goals, coaching expectations etc. Share my coaching approach. Explain how my coaching services work. Discuss how we'd like to work together.

Career Transition Coaching services -

  • Online coaching sessions (60 - 90 mins).

  • All customised exercises, questionnaires, to be completed in between sessions, and handouts.

  • Between sessions contact.

  • Coach's prep time before and after sessions.


All career coaching sessions are provided via Zoom.


Fees can be paid via instalments, payable in advance of coaching sessions.

A full breakdown of terms and conditions will be provided before your first session via a formal coaching agreement.

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