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Job Application Services

I provide job application services to help people stand out from the crowd and secure an opportunity faster.

The services can be added to career coaching or as individual sessions.



  • Job application audit - Helping you to market yourself to your fullest potential; by reviewing your CV, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter, and providing feedback and advice on how to enhance it.

  • Interview coaching - Helping you to sell yourself in face to face or video interviews; including mock interviews and feedback.


Job Application Audit


I can help you to ensure that your CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile are true representations of who you are, your capabilities, and your achievements. Ensuring that they are tailored to your career goals and targeted to specific job opportunities.

All you need to do is share your goals, what you've developed, and I will review and share feedback and advice.

CV Writing

Recruiters and bots take a few seconds to read CV's.


Your CV needs to be targeted to the job you are applying for and help you to stand out from other candidates in the early stages of the selection process.


It needs to showcase your skills and capabilities using key word optimisation and adequate white space to grab the reader’s attention.

Cover Letter

The purpose of a cover letter is to help ‘sell your job application’ and show that you are a strong candidate for the job.


It should talk about your passion for working with the Company, what excites you about the job itself, and at the same time spell out your key strengths and achievements that are aligned to the opportunity.


LinkedIn Profile

Recruiters use LinkedIn to proactively search for prospective candidates. Your profile needs to paint a picture of your personal brand; including what you are passionate about, your skills and achievements, and your potential for future opportunities in line with your career aspirations. It also needs to include relevant keywords to help you be more ‘searchable’.


I can review your profile and provide advice and guidance on how to ensure you have an 'All Star' profile. 


Interview Coaching

Video Conference

Interview nerves can get in the way of your performance.


Maybe it's been some time since your last interview.

Knowing interview techniques and what to expect will help you to build your confidence, and enable you to perform at your best. You will be able to sell your key strengths and achievements and help the interviewer understand why you are the best candidate.


Interview coaching package


  • 3 x 60 minute sessions.

  • Personalised to your needs.

  • Delivered via Zoom.


Here is a selection of areas I could work with you on:

  • Interview questions 
    You would like to develop a 'bank of answers' to typical questions that may arise. How to successfully close with questions for the interviewer.


  • Mock-interview and feedback
    You have been invited to a job interview and you would like to ensure that you are fully prepared for it.


  • Preparation for video interview
    How it is different to face to face interviews, and what techniques to use.

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